Rainbow on my Cutting Table

I’ve been practicing making quilt blocks with half square triangles (HST), figuring out which way to lay them down to get various looks.  The blocks are the perfect size for hot pods/large coasters!  Seeing as making little things costs less seeing as I recently got a bunch of scraps for free, that’s what I’m gonna work on.  Craigs List is your friend!

As you can see a rainbow decided to take a dump on my cutting table.  At least it’s pretty, right?  The large black and white fabric near my ironing table is scrap fabric, and the fabric folded at the end near my dresser is actually my cat’s bed.  It’s the only way I can get her to not sleep on the fabric when I’m working in there.  Just fold up some fleece pants and I’m good.

On the left is a piece of some scrap fabric I received.  I’m hoping to find this print in the future because it’s so colorful, and I love me some colors.  On the right is the top of the hot pad.  HST set up to look like an hourglass.  Plus, the size is idea for a hot pad.  As you can see I’ve yet to finish the binding.  I hand sew the back because my machine argues when it comes to the corners.


As you can see here there’s quite  bit going on.  I was messing around with my machine’s various settings for stitches, figuring out what works best for decorative things.  I figured out what ones I don’t like for quilts.  I also figured out other ways to get the HST to look different.  The pink hot pad is a chevron, the red one a pinwheel, and the green one an hourglass.  All from the same HST.  Kinda need, right?  The little dinky thing in the middle is a coaster.  That pile in front of the black and white print are more hot pads with the fabric for their bindings sitting on them.  Helps me keep track of things.  The red hot pad will be going to my sister-in-law.  I think she’ll like it.

More things I’m working on!  I’m making some quick place mats because they’re easy, require little work, and it’s a good way to get corners to match up.


Here’s a set I’m working on. The top item is a mug rug, which is like a coaster but for mugs.  It has enough space for a large mug or tea cup and a little plate or saucer for the tea bag or snack or whatever.  The larger item is a place mat, and the two coasters are on the right.  The coasters are different sizes because I had a bit of an oops.  I need to finish binding the coasters, then bind the mug rug, and finally sandwich and bind the place mat.  This will be sold as a four piece set, but I’m still debating on the prices.

Each of the hot pads that I don’t give to family will be put onto my Etsy page.  They’ll be individual posts, not sets, and around $8 USD each.  A few friends suggested I bump that up to $10 USD.


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