More Fabric Soon

Joe gets paid on Friday, and after we pay rent we’ll be heading to Bend to get fabric.  I have enough for quilt tops, but not enough for backing, batting, or even binding.  I can make quilt tops all day, but they’re not a quilt yet.

Our first stop will be picking up free fabric.  A woman in a neighboring town posted on Craig’s List about giving away fabric.  I contacted her right away, and turns out I was the first!  So first come, first serve.  Friday at around the lunch hour we’ll be stopping at her place to pick up the fabric.  I’m so excited!  The reason she’s giving it away is due to moving to New Zealand.  She wants to move as little as possible because the cost of shipping is very high.

Then it’s to Walmart because I need to get more fabric for Joanna’s quilt.  No backing just yet because I don’t know exactly what I’ll need, nor what I want.  I like taking the quilt top with me to the store to find the backing and binding that looks right.  I have an IDEA of what I think will work best, but I’d rather play it safe and wait until the top is finished.

I’ll also browse Walmart’s selection of quilting fabric to see if I can find anything that will work well as the backing for the Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt top I finished yesterday.  Walmart’s low prices are a good incentive.  I’ll check out their batting options as well because that stuff is EXPENSIVE at the fabric store.  Besides all this I’ll bring a couple patterns with me.  One calls only for jelly rolls, and Walmart has them at a good price.  Not the greatest quality, nor a large selection, but right now I’m only just learning.  I don’t need top-notch stuff just yet.

Then it’s to Joann Fabrics if I can’t find what I’m looking for.  I love that place, and their prices are lower than Hancock Fabrics, but it’s still a little more than I can readily afford.  However, they’re the only ones that carry the fabric I need for a commission I have lined up.  The RA&A quilt is the same pattern I’ll be using, and I figured out how much fabric I’ll need for it.  What I have is not enough.  Plus they have a much larger selection of jelly rolls.  I use those primarily for binding, and if they’re on sale I will definitely be picking up a few.

We’ll be looking at the cost of quilting frames.  I already know which one I want, but I need to compare prices.  At Walmart it’s $120, and shipping is free.  If I can find it at a fabric store for less that would be fantastic.  All I have right now is an embroidery ring, and I cannot emphasize enough how much I hate using that thing for quilting.

Friday is looking to be an especially busy day.


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