First Baby Quilt in Progress

Today I’m starting my first baby quilt.  It’s a simple design I found online.

The fabric I’m using isn’t all that great as far as quality.  I’m up-cycling/re-purposing 30+ year old Raggedy Ann and Andy curtains.  They decorated my nursery when I was a baby, and it’d be a shame to toss them.  They’re in great condition all things considered.

I’ll be cutting 32 – 6″ x 6″ squares of this fabric.

The other fabric is good quality, and I’ll be cutting 16 – 6″ x 6″ squares of red and blue to bring that to 32 squares.

The original pattern called for only two colors, but I want to create a sort of weaving look to it instead of a checkerboard.  A little more visual interest.

I’m thinking about getting a backing that’s a little too large on all sides.  I can then fold that over to create the binding.  Save a little time that way.  As for the quilting itself, that will be done using my sewing machine.  Stitch-in-the-ditch style to save time.

When it’s finished I’ll post it on my Etsy page.  Hopefully it’ll sell quickly.  The price won’t be as high as my future projects because the fabric for this isn’t that great.  I know a lot of people will be interested simply because it’s technically vintage or antique, depending on standards.

I’ll post photographs as I work.  Right now I’m just cutting the pieces.



4 thoughts on “First Baby Quilt in Progress

  1. If you have quilt it, I’ve seen comparable sized quilts sell for about anywhere from 100 to 300 at craft fairs. Most do not sell at the higher range even if they are worth it. Unless a very intricate design (like a bargello) Just an FYI on price points.


    1. I’ve only finished the top. I still need to get the backing and batting, and fabric for the binding. I’ll probably use my machine to do the quilting. I haven’t used any of my decorative stitches yet. I think I’ll price it at around $100 simply because of the quality of the print.


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