The Table Runners


These are three of the six table runners I’ve been working on.  Thus far only these three have been finished.  The orange one is Kimmy’s (my sister-in-law), the middle one is Jeanna’s (one of my sisters), and the bottom one is for one of my grandmothers.


I may have sort of cheated with Jeanna’s.  First of all, it’s a scrap quilt.  I used the leftover cut pieces from all the other runners to make hers.  It’s something of an inside joke among the family.  As for how I cheated, I used the backing as binding.  There was enough material for me to fold it over and sew it as binding.  It was a little tricky on the corners, and my machine did not appreciate trying to pierce those.  It did, however, save me a lot of time.  If you decide to use backing as binding here’s a tutorial on how to do that.  I didn’t hand sew the binding, which is something I think I’ll change in the future.  The machine made it faster, but doing it by hand may actually be a little easier on small projects like this.  There are other tutorials on how to do this with larger projects.  Remember: Youtube is your friend.


This will be going to one of my grandmothers.  Again, I cheated by using the backing as binding, and used my machine.  Out of the six table runners I made, this is the only one I hand-quilted.  I love hand-quilting, and this was just so much fun.  It is, however, very time consuming.  All I have is an embroidery ring, and that is a pain in the butt for hand-quilting.  I don’t suggest ever using an embroidery ring for something like this.  Why?  LAYERS!  It made getting the ring on and keeping the quilt taught very difficult.  Because of that I decided to use my sewing machine to quilt all the other runners.

The third table runner, Kimmy’s, is featured in my previous post and you can see that here.  I used extra strips of the jelly roll packs for the binding, but all of that is explained in the post.

As for the pattern you can find it here.  It requires jelly rolls and charm packs, which saves you a LOT of time in regards to cutting.  Remember: you don’t have to use the exact same fabrics as the pattern has.  Use whatever prints and colors you want.  You also don’t have to do the applique.  I didn’t want to do it, hence why it’s absent in my runners.



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