Small Project Gone Big


This is a quilt-in-progress for my best friend Joanna.  I had originally planned on using a different pattern entirely but scrapped it.  I have no idea why that plan was labeled as easy when it most definitely was not.

Because I had pieces cut for the other pattern I lost a lot of material cutting them for this one.  I need to go shopping to get more fabric, but currently I don’t have the money.

This one started in my head.  I spoke to my mom to figure out how much fabric I’ll need to finish it so here goes:

This is a full size quilt.  At least that’s the estimate of roughly 88″ x 74.5″ when it’s done.

I plan on making 25 rows of 30 – 3″x 3″ cut squares.  That’s 750 squares.  As you can see here I don’t have enough material.  I’m also a newbie to quilting, thus the lines aren’t meeting correctly.  It still looks awesome, so hush.

For the border I’ll need 2 – 5″ x 74.5″ strips and 2 – 5″ x 78.5″ strips.  Those are rough estimates.  I’ll figure out exact sizes once the middle is finished.

The backing will require 5 yards of material, cut in half for 2 – 2.5 yards sewn side by side.


I’m using two fabric bundles I found at Walmart for a REALLY good price.  A yellow/white bundle and a black/white bundle.  The blue and florals are all fat quarters I got for $1 each.  The white fat quarter has a soft metallic splash pattern and cost $2.  I found it at Joann Fabrics.  I originally purchased it for another project, but it looked so nice with this one I added it.  Thankfully I have plenty more and won’t need to purchase extra.  All of these said DO NOT PREWASH, so all I did was iron them flat.

After I cut out the squares I threw them in a box, shook it a lot, and picked them out one by one.  Very random, and sometimes the same ones were next to each other.  I really like the scrap quilt look, and this quilt has that sort of feel to it.

Joanna LOVES it.  It has the soft colors she likes, a bit of a punch to it that it stands out, and a color combination that is divine.  I was hoping to have this finished by the  middle of February, but financially that’s not possible right now.  I need a lot more fabric, batting, and a quilting frame.  I’ve been using an embroidery ring, which has been torture for me.  I need a proper frame.  I found the one I want at Walmart, but it’s $120 I don’t have right now.

I’ll work on this when I have everything I need, or at least enough for the top.  Until then I have other things I can work on.  I finally have enough material to bind the table runners that are now extremely belated holiday gifts.  I now have three of the six finished, currently working on the fourth.  When all of them are done they’ll be shipped off.

I have enough batting and fabric for smaller things, like place mats and coasters.  I’ll see about making a few and selling them on my Etsy shop.  Hopefully I sell enough to get the quilting frame I want.


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