Borders Added!

I had to stand on the top rung on my ladder so I could get a better shot of the quilt. Honestly, I have no idea how I’ll be able to get a full picture of it when it’s finished. Our clothesline isn’t high enough to prevent the quilt from touching the ground.

As you can see I have four borders. Black, batik, black, wider batik. They measure 1.5 inches, 3 inches, 1.5 inches, and 4.25 inches. When I had the binding the last border will be 4 inches. It measures 81.5 x 65 inches, but it also hasn’t been quilted or washed yet. When it’s done I estimate it will be around 79 x 63 inches.

I need to purchase fabric for the backing. How much fabric? Five yards. That’s a lot, especially seeing as the fabric will likely be $12-$15/yard. Ouch! I’m going over options with my mom (she’s a fellow quilter with over 30 years of experience) and I may purchase more of the batik fabric on the top. Have it cut in one yard sections, sew a strip of black between each yard, and it’ll have a similar feel/look as the top. I’ll still need at least five yards of the batik though. I’d rather have too much fabric rather than barely enough.

Quilting will take at least two weeks.

Overall, from start to finish, it will be a couple hundred hours of work.

I’m estimating the price to be a minimum of $650, but it will likely be closer to $750. Cost of fabric, labor cost, and the amount of time it takes to make this are what bring it to that price.

Here are a few extra shots to show off the prints.


Stained Glass Quilt Center is Finished

I’ve finished the center of the quilt!

The picture with the ironing board is to help give you an idea of just how large it is.

I need to purchase border fabric as well as more black fabric. I’ll do three more borders instead of one like the pattern suggests. Why? The six inch border it calls for doesn’t look enough, it makes it all so narrow looking. The first border I plan on doing will be three inches, then a one inch strip of black, and the final border will be four to six inches. It’ll increase the size of the quilt and give it a bit more oomph. The binding will be black as well. After I finish the top I’ll then purchase backing because I have no idea how much I’ll need.

After I get the backing I’ll then create the sandwich (top, batting, back) and hand-quilt the entire thing. That will take at least two weeks. It looks like the finished price will be around $700-$800. I’m hoping it sells because it’s beautiful, I’ve invested a lot of money in it, and it’s hundreds of hours of work.

The final size will likely be large enough for a full size bed (larger than a twin size).

Taking photographs when it’s finished will be a challenge.

Stained Glass Quilt Progress Report!

It took a lot of rearranging and input from my mother and husband for me to figure out how to arrange the blocks.  Today I finished the blocks and have them taped on my sewing room closet door to get a feel for the final arrangement.  Needless to say…I’m liking it.

Here’s the challenge from last night’s rearranging.

Oh, I know they look A LOT alike, but there’s enough subtle difference that, when finished, it’d be very much noticed.

Here’s today’s final look.


Painter’s tape is my friend.

Between each block will be a 1″ finished strip of black, a 1″ finished strip bordering this, then a 6″ finished border (I haven’t chosen the fabric yet), and black binding.

It looks like crayons blossomed on my quilt.  I’m loving it.  Quilting will be the challenge because of the colors and and number of pieces.  My mother suggested using black thread instead of colors.  I was considering using a rainbow variegated thread, but with the colors and print it would feel like too much.  I’m leaning towards black, and will be quilting the small and large squares…I think.  I’m still undecided.

When finished the quilt will be posted on my Etsy page.

Stained Glass Quilt WIP

I’m absolutely loving the progress I’m making on this quilt.  The instructions for the pattern were a bit confusing, and frustrating, but it’s now a much smoother ride.  The fabric is by Boundless and it’s their Botanical Blenders line.  It’s so smooth!

Each fabric is the same print but different colors.  I’m also using a light and dark version of each color.  The yellow does have a lighter version but it’s too close to white.  I want to avoid using white in this quilt.

I’m still debating on whether or not I want to have the same colored squares in the same block.  After I’ve finished attaching the black to the thin half I’ll lay these out and decide.

If all goes well I could have the blocks together by tomorrow evening.  After that it’s a trip to the quilt shop for outer border and backing fabric.  I’m not sure on what I want the border to be.  I’ll take this with me and set it next to various prints before I make my final decision.  I want the backing to be colorful but with black in there as well.  A looser version of what the top is.

After I get it all together I’ll make the quilt sandwich, set it up on my quilting frame, and get to work on the hand-quilting.  The instructions call for stitch in the ditch, but I don’t fancy doing that.  I’m thinking stitching inside each square with rainbow variegated thread or thread that’s of a same or similar color.  So many decisions!

Holiday Sale!

I sell my painting and photography prints on several sites, but the one I favor most is Fine Art America.  The reason?  I set my markup price.  The site sets their price and I add an amount to it that I want to be paid.  The site takes no cut and I lose no money!  Very few sites offer this and instead take from the artists, as much as 80% of the sale.  Ouch!

Currently I have a discount sale active on Fine Art America.

Use coupon code GRJALA  for 50% off your total purchase.  No minimum amount for the purchase.

My FAA page is located here.

They ship worldwide!  You can have my work printed on shower curtains, various towels, and even yoga mats!

As a show of thanks to everyone who has supported me I’m offer a 60% discount on all purchase of $30 USD or more.  It’s for all listings, old and new!  The sale will run from November 20th to December 20th.

Where you can you take advantage of this fantastic sale?  Right here at my Etsy shop.

New listings will be added as I make new items.  This includes jewelry, quilts, home decor, and original artwork!  The discount will be applied automatically to your cart when you checkout.  No coupon code is required.

Thank you!

blow a kiss with Jasper
Here’s a kiss from me and Jasper!

Some Input from my Readers

I’m finding it difficult to choose what I should make next.  I set up a poll here on my deviantArt page to me choose:.

If you don’t have an account (it’s free) you can instead leave your vote here in a comment.

Options are as follows:

  1. Red iridescent tumbled glass chips, sparkly silver acrylic star beads, acrylic black butterfly beads, black and red pendant – necklace
  2. Gold sunstone beads with seed beads and an aged copper zodiac pendant – choker
  3. Tourmalated quartz beads, green iridescent seed beads, silver pewter dragon pendant – choker
  4. Jade colored cat’s eye beads, blue iridescent seed beads, silver pewter unicorn pendant – choker
  5. Cracked silver glass beads, transparent iridescent black seed beads, tree with a shiny moon pendant – choker
  6. Quilted Rainbow coasters (project I was working on before the fire happened)

I’ll be taking a few days of not making anything to give my hands a good break.  Five days sounds healthy to me.  On November 4th I’ll look at the results of the poll and votes and create in the order of the most to least votes.

Until then I’ll be chilling out like Jasper, the kitty in the photograph.

Thank you!  Just leave a comment here with what you would like to see finished first.

Food for Thought

I’ve finished my commissions.  The only one I need to make will be made when the commissioner’s MedicAlert plaque arrives.  Until then it’s just me playing with pretty colors and working on the endless trade with balthasarcraft A trade we’ve been doing for…six or seven years now.

I’ve just finished a choker* I was working on before I started on commissions.  I have about a dozen pieces planned out, but I’m not about to go diving in because I have other projects to work on as well.  I need to prevent burnout as well as injury.  A very delicate balance.  Thankfully I have quilting and painting to rotate through.

Personally, I feel every artist should be able to do, and enjoy, more than one form of art.  For example, a painter who only creates paintings with oils is likely to deal with artist’s block and burnout unless they can rotate through, oh, making mini-sculptures with clay or Play-Dough, or just doodling for the hell of it.  I had a professor in college who felt that not focusing on one medium meant you’re not a true artist (WTF?), and when she found out I felt differently she decided to use me for a lesson.  Too bad she couldn’t embarrass me seeing as I thought her philosophy was rather absurd.  Oh, and a couple weeks after that shit-show she had “the beast of all artist’s block” and refused to do any teaching for the rest of the semester.  She went on a six month sabbatical to “recover her spirit”.  Folks, play with other mediums.  Doesn’t mean you have to master them.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

Get some Play-Dough, feel like a child, make a mess, be silly, doesn’t matter.  Rotating through different mediums helps a lot.  I’m a watercolor painter, I color line art with colored pencils, draw portraits, doodle, make jewelry, quilt, and a few other things that just happen to catch my interest.  I’m a master of none, nor do I have any desire to be.  My goal is to ENJOY what I do, not try and show off.  Who am I showing off to?  What am I trying to prove?  No one and nothing.  I have fun.

Do any of you play with more than one medium or do you feel an artist ought to focus on just one thing and master it?

*Small note: the featured image is A Clear Day and is available for purchase here.